First Change which need in TamilNadu

GEORGE WASHINGTON was the first president of US. After him  many people came to rule the country.


If once they ruled ,then they wont stand in the election, if they stand too the peoples wont elect them, they will try to get some changes from new persons like… And now the 44th person persident of US is BARACK OBAMA.

43gb_header1 44bo_header21

BUT in India ,  mostly in TamilNadu the election which held is between only TWO PARTY. If suppose any third party came means then they too join with them.

There need to be some new persons want to rule the state. But here for so many years only two parties  ruling our country . They playing the game between then itself by passing the ball within their hands after every 5years. This is not their mistake, it’s the mistake of  people who selecting them by voting.

They too working in the government job only.


There should be some AGE LIMIT for them too. They cant even walk for some distance without a support,then how come they can face many struggles.Most of the candidates inside the parliament is aged people.

If suppose anything happens to them while ruling time,then their famliy members will continue thier work in the name of social servies.



One Comment on “First Change which need in TamilNadu”

  1. The Linux Hacker says:

    i have been thinking of the same for a long . .Here its not only in tamilnadu and it happens all over India.even though we get rid of the old babes through death’s, their sons or their family members start their legacy work. Money flows as tones & tones to their palaces leaving government treasury bankrupt. In a nation wide elections too, we are being ruled by fourth generation of Indra Gandhi family. What a crazy thing.

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