Think abt the change we need….

In US ,they thought for some change in their  life style. So they thought  OBAMA could CHANGE their life style, which his thoughts and the policies which he derived for the Election also mostly stumbled by the peoples. As the people’s wish, he too developing the country in fast manner. 🙂

As them, Y the Indian’s are not thinking about their life and the future. For so many years ,they are electing and giving the right’s in the hand’s of the wrong politicians who can’t develop the nation.

They also rulling ,but the abilities, qulities and need of the LOW LEVEL CITIZEN is still in the HELL . He is working hard for his daily wages, and there is no GROWTH or DEVELOPMENT in his life.

His family also working for the development of their life , but their wages and the money they earning is  fulfilling their basic needs , then how can they get extra KNOWLEDGE..? Then how their generation will develop… ? They too will do the same works 😦

People need to START THINK FIRST….



One Comment on “Think abt the change we need….”

  1. Anand says:

    The way you like to express your greatness for the people is good .

    We should not only think, should work for it!

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