Does Anna University really care about QoS ?

Kindly remember, Your Comments should not be in the way of HURTING (Comparison or any bad words) the Lecturers, Professors or College Management. This website is intend to give complete legal way of asking for justice or fighting for your Rights. Your comment may be deleted if found as such without intimation.

For long time education is converted into Business, which has Zero % Quality of Service. Its not at all wrong as a Customer (Student) of Anna University, to host a Debate here to collect all your Reviews.  Its not 1999 or earlier, we are in the year 2009 where many people aware about internet. This is the right time to bring this Pathetic situation for a DEBATE ONLINE. I bought a 4 year course package from a college which is Affiliated by Anna University.  It seems today’s best hassle free business is Constructing and Administering a College. Where many college administration have very less care about the Quality of Education in Tamilnadu.

hear-see-speak-no-evil12This article is to get an answer for these questions:

1. Does Anna University really care about QoS in their Affiliated Colleges ?

2. Are they conducting frequent or 6 months once, an Auditing or Quality Assessments in the colleges which they gave affiliation(just the water, toilets and some basic needs that has to be there for the student who is paying atleast a lakh rupees per year) ?

3. Its all about Money ? Whoever builds a 3 floor building can get Anna University Affiliation ?

4. Why sudden Disaffiliation on colleges which they already Affiliated by their Policies and Conditions ?

5. Why there is not much updates in the syllabus (almost for the past 5 to 6 years) to meet the current trend and technology ?

6. Does colleges really conducting proper interview today to fill the lecturer requirements or just an interview ?, ofcourse anna university have the sole responsibility of setting up certain qualities (not just the B.E or M.E) that helps the student to see some changes after 3 or 4 years from the day they joined under AU Affiliation ?

7. Its a Business now… why students are not asking for the quality of the product ? or is that the marks that are stopping them to ask for their rights ? (If i bought a mobile from ABC Company then i normally look for the customer support and product quality. If they fail to provide the quality, then i will surely sue the concern organization. I hope every customer feel to do the same…) Will Consumer Court accept if i don’t get satisfaction in my Education Product ?

8. Education industry today (especially colleges) are Multi Crore Business Zone where within the Admission period itself college bank accounts filled with Crores of ruppees. (To the College Managements: Are you people ready to deny this statement ?, I must ask this as my father pay’s his Hard Earned Money.)

9. Even though the student spend 2 lakh ruppees and + per year the college is not even providing a water doctor facility in each floor of the building. ( Why is that so ? Shortage of Money ?)

10. No proper bills provided to the students in many colleges for the payments they make in between a semester. I get bills only for the AU Semester Exam Registration. Other than that its tough process to get the bills in hand.

11. Will Anna University interfere in Policies that are in place with the colleges affiliated to Anna University which of course affect the students (Different Formulas in each college for calculating the Internal Marks are ruining the student’s). Its not just mobile phone and jeans Banning. The university which cares much on Mobile and Jeans wear Banning should also look at the basic parameters that lets the buyer (student) of the course package to obtain the degree successfully ?

12. There is a counseling method in the colleges where student have the rights to convey their problems that have with the subjects and academic related stuffs. However if a student complained about a staff then its viewed seriously and the power of concern staff shown in the Internal Marks of the student (Which is more than a Politician.. 😦 ) So called rights to speak .. is this the real counseling ? The student really dont know the Escalation Matrix whenever a problem he found in the teaching system of the college.. It will be really effective if AU or concern college Management take care of guiding such complaining procedures..

13. Being strict will never help the students to attain the knowledge between it increases the STRESS and DEPRESSION level in a student mind which affects his health too. Students are not superiors to you (lecturers). Just think for a minute then you will realize that you are shouting and ordering the one who is totally defenseless and vulnerable to the real world life scenario.

14. Parents look at the Percentage of Company recruitment’s in the Brochure to pick the best college to admission their sons/daughters. Listing the BPO Job recruitment’s in the placements list should be Banned. The student who study B.E Professional Course after attending several levels of fixed interview patterns (like Aptitude Test, Technical Assessments, HR and few other) don’t need to work in the area of simply attending the incoming and outgoing calls. Because there is no such syllabus in Anna University to attend Phone Calls.

15. Disaffiliation on Colleges: PMR Engineering College and JA Engineering College students already had their worst time. The Question is Who could be Next ?. This  portraits an absolute careless affiliation policy in Anna University.

16. Is there any team available in Anna University Campus to Audit the Quality in their Affiliated Colleges ? If Yes, what are they doing ? Why cant they visit to the colleges exist in their list to see whether students who paid to Anna University with the sole trust on them are satisfied with the policies, rules and services or not ?

17. My aim is not to say that Anna University provides nothing to me.. It is all about the way of deployment. The process of announcing Workshops, Seminars and Communication Laboratories must be appreciated. At the same time, why they are not effective ?

18. The University that orders the class sessions must be in english is not at all auditing whether the lecturers and students are comfort and capable with it ? Just ordering is meaning less….

19. Its one of the business as i said before.. so its not the matter of staff and student relation ship anymore (i feel bad to say its no more :(…  ) where you may feel it and see it in school days.. not in colleges. The high speed track that consumes more money of our parents and when we see it gives nothing in terms of Knowledge and Self Development it must be viewed as Pathetic.

20. The Anna University Campus in Chennai is a culture improved and assures the Attitude, Technical and all other growth that a student can have today. Why not even the 70 %  care even not shown on the people who are paying money in different districts in Tamil Nadu to get the degree?


The management is not checking the Communication strength (which is very important for a lecturer) even while recruiting. This straightly affects the students who are trying to learn some words and sentences from those staffs during their lectures. If they form the sentence in a wrong fashion or mispronounced as per their convenience then the student does the same mistake till he reaches the interview panel with some companies.


I believe attitude of a person decides everything in his / her life. Even though they get 100 % in their academics its impossible to survive in the companies if they have attitude problems. The Lecturers have to behave in the fashion of bringing an attitude that helps the student to make further steps in their life (Politeness and Peace). Its all about survival in this globe today.. Maximum students are literally unprepared to face the real world challenges which could mislead their path if they dont know how to react in certain tough situations.

Its time for your comments. Lets make this as a Debate and share your ideas. Also send the title and the link of this post to your friends to let them participate in too.

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16 Comments on “Does Anna University really care about QoS ?”

  1. kissmo says:

    The concerned Universities has to ban the license for the colleges with no proper facilities and other basics.But if the universties were like that….There only money speaks and it makes others to speak….The students has to get united and ask for these….

  2. watcat says:

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  3. prabhakaran says:

    yeah this really happens today.. no coll is providing good education which include worst teaching some coll no sport ,proper lab facilities …

    even not a proper auditorium..
    really anna university should take care of this to increase the QOS in Education!

  4. Rajkumar says:

    Good work Dude

  5. Rajkumar says:

    Very good work friend.
    This will provide a good example for the above post.

    We are provided with a set of books which are worth of nothing more than for SELLING outside by our college management.It has been mad Mandatory that the students who bought 4 year course in my college should buy all books and materials provide by the college, assured its worthless.They charge about 2500/- per sem for providing these books alone. When the students approach the faculty that “we are not satisfied with books”, The exact answer we got is “WE KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU”. But the same staff, who recommended the book, told that “I haven’t yet seen the book given for you and so please take a photocopy of a particular portion from another book” and it happened really.

    When we approached the management, they simply quoted “Its mandatory and if we give permission, no one will buy books”. So its obvious that they too agree its overruled of students freedom and rights.

    We have a EYE WASH Committee meeting monthly [So, at most 3 times per sem]and when we started the topic of MANDATORY BOOK SELLING, the simple answer was “Its waste of time to discuss about this, as no one will consider this as a problem.” They said that its purely marketing technique of management.

    I don’t know why the management had given a special,permanent,dedicated room for the Book sellers who made a small shop inside the college, While they don’t have even enough place to sit outside.

    That too, we got a book after 3 months of college reopening and with only another 20 days left for last working Day.We are talking about QoS. But we should think about the students standard also.

    They provide only higher end, Foreign books, which the students should have a PhD in the particular area to understand its definitions, and that too not to improve QoS, But to increase the profit they get from the book sellers.

    on the day of exams you can visualise almost every student will be roaming with photo copies of couple of books, and not with the given text books.[This increases the crime of illegal photocopying of patented and copyrighted books too].What a student can understand from these foreign books while the lecturers are searching alternatives books to get meanings and actual concept of the words in the book?

    Could you imagine a Class going on in ground floor while a construction is progressing in third floor? its just happening and the students write exams underneath too 😦

    We have small seating arrangements in ground and we are not supposed to sit there.
    We should not have lunch in ground.[And I don’t know how many messes have been arranged for students inside the college].

    We have four great water taps all over he college and we wont get water from the tank during Lunch.

    And the next crazy things is, If you are final year in my college, you have a good probability to be a lecturer in my college itself next year.
    And for lecturers, its a good part time job to teach what they don’t know, and parallel doing their masters degree in the same college, for no fees.More than 70% of my college staffs were doing M.E. Working as lecturers part-time. So we have only part time lecturer’s?

    I have friends who joined in management quota and getting a fees receipt for 33,000 and paying 50,000 fees.

    Till last semester we had internal marks as best 3 over 5 exams. but suddenly they had changed it to internal marks proportional to all exams equally.

    We have a common room shared as both sports room and watchman’s. We have our physical trainer and watchman sharing a common room.We have a ground filled with good heavy stones and rubbish stuffs about a kilometre away from the college.

    There was no history of conferences or workshops held in my college.
    No SDP/FDP.Nothing worth.

    So its obvious that “COLLEGE IS A Multi Cro[r]e Business Zone” and I hope the next college to be Disaffiliated will be mine and it has all required qualities.

    There are a lot still hidden 😦

  6. brainstrom says:

    The Afflifted college fees is only 38000 as per anna univ norms.but the original fees collected by the colleges was 55000 both councelling and management gratuates.They are addiding fees in other fees but not giving prper format to seek bank loan.One of my friends directly argued with a concerned person (A.O) abt this.The concerned person accepted that it is black money for them.
    They are following strict norms in exams as per anna univ rules then why they are not concentrating in improving the status of that college even they are not providing proper internet facilities for the students not even 10 hors pre week.
    Just they are recuipting the freshers in the colleges just to give a low salary then they are tried as pilot version on students they access 2 years experencing in a college and move to other renowed institution for higher salary .again to fill vacancy the concerned college access freshers .so only the engineering guys the pilllers of a nation act as a testing version

    this condition must change don’t break the chain forward it to all

  7. The Linux Hacker says:

    What braistrom said is 100% true . . The faculties of my college are mostly UG or a PG scholar in my college itself.No one can deny this one. And another great tragic situation is, They had changed the name and person in position of principal or HOD’s for NBA inspections conducted last year in my college.I doubt that, are the inspecting officials are not known about this? Is this inspection is a Eye wash involving a great transaction behind? How it is possible to provide NBA accreditation for a college having five departments engaged within 3 blocks of building each having at-most of 4 floors with 5-6 classes in each floor? I heard this happy news today in my laboratory. “The lab kits are about to be revived within a week and if we recived the kits, we can cancel the old experiments[Which is not at all in syllabus] and include new experiments in the syllabus[please note that only two week’s are left over for last working day.”

    There is no Industrial visits organised for any departments, While its mandatory to organise IV for each sem according to anna university rules for affiliated college’s.

    A keen thing to be added in point of facilities and QoE is, many colleges don’t have proper labs and Internet facility.What a student can do with a 2-5KbPS Internet while other students abroad are enjoying about 20 Mbps as normal? What we have to work on R&D projects with a staff who don’t know what is R&D as guide and a computer with 512MiB of RAM which is considered only fit for browsing.

    The university should provide certain mandatory rules regarding specifications on infrastructure and lab facilities, like no of systems , components per lab.

    I am witnessing my friends pay 50,000 + and just receiving fees receipt for 33,000 in a GREEN manner.For this, they can better ask us frankly, to provide some more money as similar to how a auto-rickshaw driver does, “Meteruku mela Potu Kundunga Sir”.

    In my college we have 50 computers in Internet lab, out of which 10-15 will work and all others are having hardware problem, and others working system acts as virus Storage device and best virus database to the extend that even a anti virus don’t have.
    We are not supposed to use pen drives in Internet labs as it may harm their system[ I don’t know what more to be harmed].There wont be a scanner or printer in any of departments and there is a common printer available only for STAFF’S.No labs are Air-conditioned and IC’S burn out in a week of purchase and computers get over heated[LOL, Nothing matter of over heating of a machine with 512 memory].There are only 2 systems where we can read IEEE journals and we have only 3-5 user accounts subscribed, which is about to be used by whole 2500+ Students.

    Don’t the affiliation policy of Anna university state any of these conditions?

    They will publish all fines and college rules in noticeboard regularly, but they will publish important posters announcing scholarships or any other events at last minute.

    Can you imagine, a student has to write 3 records and 3 observations each week, and perform all other works too . . Yes, We are doing it. How then we will have time to shine? Why dont they provide or accept printed material for record or observation, while they can ask us to code the programs as same as its writen with bugs in last years record?

    Can you imagine, how tough its to do record works as a anna university student?

    The lab and internal marks are according to how the students behave to the staffs and not completely on their work.

    We have students who get about 20 in last minutes. Think of is we get one mark reduced in internals. So we are losing one percentage in the whole %.

    yet to be continued.

  8. There is a set back in each and every rights of the students . Many colleges are grabbing to peck of fees for the development . Here i like to quote a point << Colleges are spending many crores of amount for getting acceredated but the real fact is that the accredation must be provided only when the college satisfies all the basic needs of the students and there should be proficient proffs with (Phd degree ) in each and every dept <<.

    ► On my point of view rather than spending huge capital for getting acceredation they can spend for improving the environment of their college.

    ►Should improve the Lab facilities,pure water plants , transport facilities and should make improvements in technological facilities like (wi-fi , wi-max , effective libraries, need of xerox and stationaries ) .

    ►These things may look odd for others but a student really suffers without these .

    If these basic needs are being satisfied then the college will be automatically get into a range for acquiring the acceredation.

  9. Littlekingdom says:

    “No Industrial visit”,”No tour”,”No more enjoyment” in college. This is the slogan which all the colleges have. they are really bother about the life of students ? I dont think so. I dont know why they are torchering students. Coming by formals and keep silent in classes wont give knowledge. staffs mind setting is they are the god to all students. anybody knows what is a Faculty advisor’s work ? But i know giving pressure to student in constant time interval. Their ultimate aim is, student should be slave to them.
    i am not including all the staffs who have really a good mind and attitude. But while joining to other staffs they cant be stay with it.
    “Internal Mark” How long they can black mile with this word. If they are really care about students life then why they reducing marks. this Internal mark will come till the end of our life. we need to show till our lifetime. why they are thinking about this. These things make students mind set to critical situation.
    My request is Colleges neednot to show their care to student but stop their acting and leave us free 😦

  10. Suganindia says:

    The world will go on with or without education…

  11. The Linux Hacker says:

    I want to quote these wordings of Littlekingdom. “staffs mind setting is they are the god to all students”.

    Its the Truth happening. We are not yet babies who don’t know what’s right or what is wrong. We have our own rights and each of us know what is good for us.But they just torture students to show off that they are interested in the future of the students. Torturing students to republish their class notes in exam paper is still happening.

    How healthier is the environment, where staffs can use mobile phones inside classes even during class-hours, but the students must not?
    What’s there in wearing a non-formal dress? What’s wrong in bringing LapTop to classes?

    Still like in ****** Engg has staffs who finished two years back, acting as a Project guide for final Year students. What Quality Of service they are providing?

    i add upon to LittleKingdoms words “My request is Colleges neednot to show their care to student but stop their acting and leave us free :(”

    Yet To be Continued . . .

  12. kumaresan says:

    What the heck you students are worth?
    Do you plan to live this life of hell?
    Don’t you feel you have right to good education worth your money?
    When you go to vegetable market to buy something worth 10 bucks you turn hell out of heaven. Why don’t you think of doing something collectively to get the worth of your money.
    Go to AICTE,UGC,University collectively and get the thing rolling.
    Don’t be lamenting among yourselves.

    Fight with the rouges.

  13. kumaresan says:

    You silly idiots want to use mobile phones, If you are permitted to use mobiles you will stop all your foul cry about staff, mgmt, facility, etc.

    You incorrigible mutts won’t bother to study, or be creative beyond your cell phones.

    You stupids deserve the treatment you are getting.

    Your parents, another bunch of idiots who borrow, make money in whatever possible means, support you blindly.

    you stupids deserve the treatment you are getting.

    I hope you enjoy this lyrics.

  14. kumaresan says:

    The _ucker littlekingdom wants to enjoy tour. What you will do then. Frying, frying till it gets burnt out.

    Go visit IIT campus, Look for the level of ambition of the students. the level of creativity.

  15. kumaresan says:

    Are you idiots ready to study from prescribed book?
    You are ready for rote learning only. You used to mug up the programs, Theorems, proofs, derivations, without understanding any thing. You prefer local author books. you want question bank that too with answers to mug up from. You want old university qps.

    Were you all going to be good engineers? no chance!!!

  16. Robin says:

    Mr. Kumaresan, you should seriously get your words back. It is not possible for thousands of students to enter into one college .. it is the responsibility of the university to monitor the quality of education they offer at their brances (affiliated centers). How come you can blame the students who are totally innocent in choosing the college ?

    Yes, we will fight for the best to happen at some point and this article is kind of an initiation to that.


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