As a long trip in bike

Hi… Everyone

In bike

We took this image, when we went to ooty as a long drive in bike. In 2 bikes and we 4 peoples went . Actually it’s a nice time when we went slowly on the road by chatting with each other and by hearing songs in earphones.

During college and In-between studies, lab works, assignments this trip makes us relax and much enjoyment.

But only thing which we need to take care during the long trip in bike, is our EYES and BACK PAIN. It is must to wear a glass for eyes.

We started at 8 in morning and return at 8pm and it’s totally 12hours we traveled in bike. Our only sad thing is back pain. So if u tried any  long trip then make some arrangements for that back pain and for eyes. 🙂

Many of the people’s not enjoying the thing’s which is around them. There are lots of things which can be enjoyed in this world. But peoples are stick to their works and the chairs of their company.

Other than EARNING, we need to ENJOY our life with our FAMILY and NEIGHBORS.

Nowadays, there are many people’s getting tense and mental disorders due to working and over pressure from the company side. This case is mainly for the software engineers. They are working fully in-front of the system and there is no physical work for their body and due to that their nerve cells gets damage.

They need some entertainment in their life. 🙂

They can move out with for a trip.

They can go for a long drive in two or four wheelers.

They can play with their family members and neighbors.

Playing with pets and small children’s.

The above things will make some change in their mindset and feel them fresh and energetic.

1. Don’t stay or sleep inside the home in the holiday’s.

2. Don’t do the office works in the home.

3. Don’t show the office tense over the family members.

Sleeping and doing meditation alone won’t help  to change the mindset and stress  of the peoples. They need to engaged with something which i mentioned above.

Try with this and change your life. 🙂 Make your family members happy too. 🙂

Get the change 🙂



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