CBI Warned colleges across Tamilnadu

CBI Warned colleges across Tamilnadu, that the surprise raid will continue !

Chennai 04, September: CBI raided on 4 engineering colleges, as they were not fit for getting affiliated by Anna University and by AICTE (Colleges that dont have enough class rooms and lab facilities). The pathetic thing in this matter is AICTE’s Top head’s involvement in providing affiliation to these


colleges after getting some money. CBI’s Anti-Corruption Bureau conducted the raids on Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Kanyakumari; P.M.R Institute of Technology, Ambattur; V.K.K Vijayan Engineering College, Irungattukkottai near Sriperumbudur; and J.A Institute of Engineering and Technology, Koyambedu, Chennai, an informed source in the agency said. CBI also filed charges against these colleges and AICTE Authorities on Forgery, Misuse of Rights etc., Report also says raid took place on those authorities home at the same time. We have an article in our blog regarding the Quality of Service by anna university, now this matter really fire it up. Each (students)head roaming inside every college is almost worth of 3lakhs +. Its all about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY for the people who provide Education in india. At least by now the govt decided to notice about the income of Judges. There is no use of providing TAX relief to education domain. Simply investors are feeling better to invest less money and reap millions of rupees within few months in the name of some colleges.

Update: CBI investigation found and confirmed the link of 4 AICTE Members in this case.

Constructing single building with few countable class rooms and getting affiliations from AU or AICTE, then getting triple the amount they invested within few months. Thats what naturally happens at present. Look at the colleges around tamilnadu. Except few, who are really working hard to provide education and even getting the Affiliation and Accredited by the universities legitimately. This should be changed atleast before next election. Govt is providing enough salary to its employees these days. Just a week back Annauniversity’s Coimbatore Vice Chancellor suspended for providing affiliation to colleges that dont have enough class rooms and lab facilities.

How about NBA Accreditation ?

Many of the college are constructing their infra-structures by collecting the fees and  etc. But they are not interested in develop the things which having at present. If they could able to build  a new building  then they will give a name to that (TECHNOLOGY OR ENGINEERING) building and will get NEW ADMISSION and FEES for that too. In some colleges, if the whole class (60 students) work at same time in the lab, the sever cant able to resist and it will beep a sound and they need to switch off their systems for few hours(No Backup) 😦

Will CBI have a sight on that one too ?

Source : Sun NEWS (September 04, 2009 – 09:30 PM IST)

This seems like not new for AICTE – CBI Raids Tech Colleges – CBI raids put AICTE top brass in dock, 1 held – CBI ‘raids’ engineering colleges(Hyderabad) . Now the question is “What is the real task of AICTE ?, assuring the quality of technical education across the country ?“

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    Hello, cool read. I just found your website and am already a fan. =P

  2. Kelli Garner says:

    Thats very good to know… thanks

  3. madhan says:

    Good and Hats off to CBI

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