Human Heart and Monkey Mind

I thought to write this post at the time when one of my friend feeling about one of his friend.

The title of the post is correct because both are same and it relates to each other.

I don’t know “How people changing their heart like monkey mind” ?

Because For MONKEYS “The waste flower in the ground seems better than Banana is their hand” 😦

I heard the words from  peoples telling about few persons that “If he/she left my life , Then i can be free or i will be happy more” But later sometime they both were helping each other in all cases. After few days their Wishes came true.They both got separated.They need to be happy and it thought they will enjoy their life, But they were in SAD ??  Y so ? ?

I didn’t get the meaning How they can change their heart all of sudden ? ?

Like wise If the people didn’t get the thing which they loved ,they were trying to destroy it . Y so ?

How come they can destroy it one which they loved most ??

Thinking whether is the problem with my side.? ? ? Did i wont care about anybody ? No.. I will.

I too care about the person whom i like most and i even feel bad for the person if anything bad happens to them.

But for me if something i didn’t like at the first look, I hate it till the end.And if i like /love something at my first look,then even it did something bad to me i love it, I don’t know why ? Is that bad habit ? ?

I cant change my mind or heart like others all of sudden…  what to do ???