Human Heart and Monkey Mind

I thought to write this post at the time when one of my friend feeling about one of his friend.

The title of the post is correct because both are same and it relates to each other.

I don’t know “How people changing their heart like monkey mind” ?

Because For MONKEYS “The waste flower in the ground seems better than Banana is their hand” 😦

I heard the words fromΒ  peoples telling about few persons that “If he/she left my life , Then i can be free or i will be happy more” But later sometime they both were helping each other in all cases. After few days their Wishes came true.They both got separated.They need to be happy and it thought they will enjoy their life, But they were in SAD ??Β  Y so ? ?

I didn’t get the meaning How they can change their heart all of sudden ? ?

Like wise If the people didn’t get the thing which they loved ,they were trying to destroy it . Y so ?

How come they can destroy it one which they loved most ??

Thinking whether is the problem with my side.? ? ? Did i wont care about anybody ? No.. I will.

I too care about the person whom i like most and i even feel bad for the person if anything bad happens to them.

But for me if something i didn’t like at the first look, I hate it till the end.And if i like /love something at my first look,then even it did something bad to me i love it, I don’t know why ? Is that bad habit ? ?

I cant change my mind or heart like others all of sudden…Β  what to do ???


5 Comments on “Human Heart and Monkey Mind”

  1. Robin says:


    You: “Thinking whether is the problem with my side.? ? ? Did i wont care about anybody ? No.. I will.”

    Me: Ofcourse, there is a wrong in your side. In my case i keep things transparent, and usually this love gets rooted with people who we hate the most.. and i didnt hate him much. After a sudden move of him from my eye sight, it just makes me feel so bad and i am not alone.. He feels the same. I confirmed it before making myself feel positive..

    Feeling bad is different from searching for a solution to further goahead with the life.. And you know ? we must feel the pain of our loved ones… i never thought it will happen for him.. but now i can understand this happens to every one who go away from me.. my love is totally a shared network. where every system has same preference and exclusive rights with me..

    I love the people who made me to realise who i am and what i need… so its no where wrong and all i am “SEARCHING” is the way to get my mind set with this separation.. πŸ™‚ and i am sure it will take some time to meet such changes.

    PAIN gives us experience and reshapes our life without doubt. Every Turning point we meet in our life decides and show us new divertion positively when we took it positive..

    I am really proud each minute that i have a like minded people around me πŸ™‚ including you white bitch.. i will feel bad for few days and search for some solution even i sent you out of my ring.. it happens only for few who i have so much confidence …. and i will be always in the mood to sacrifice anything ….

    In his case.. we both had so much fight, where it helped us to understand each other better.. that became the problem and now we even dont want the job right now we are with … if we find the job splits us totally in future..

    The only HOPE we have right now is .. we will meet soon and this pain has to felt to understand the depth of love we have..

    I am telling you.. i am still the same.. i feel so bad when i let RR go away from me.. now its Prajeeeesh and next might be you.. who knows.. whew.. we have to welcome the opportunity knocks to meet new things in life but forgetting old things is unacceptable.. and its the job of the two to make sure the link is alive..

  2. g0utham says:

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ White bitch ? ? ? ? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› Still that white bitch is with u and standing beside you only…. right….? and that white bitch is trying to help by his efforts…. Try to change ur mind set soon…. πŸ™‚

  3. Robin says:

    Whatever happens btw friends are to help and know each other better than now πŸ™‚

    I am writing this when i am normal.

  4. Ryan says:

    It is really beautiful post , i am very interested in reading it. Thank Robin.

  5. Robin says:

    i must withdraw what i have said and i believed. the world is not like that. if its gone then thats it.. it will never happen again. This world has very less true friends who believe each other. Balance idiots like me.. useless people who believe in something called true friendship and true love..

    sounds crazy isnt it ??? …

    friendship easily turns to fake ship .. in my case i believed something holds me and after sometime i realized its just the mirror and me.. i am left alone now and you won the game now.. hehe but one thing i am sure.. think who is monkey now. i am what i am.. i still feel for what i do and i will feel for the same as you know..

    but you ???

    ever said anything to me like the way i kept myself as open book to you ?
    you believed me like the way i believed you ?
    you kept your promise up as you said ?

    i thought and still believe you know very well about me.. but you ???? huh.. i just cant hold the pain. thats the reason i expressed it here in the form of comment. no matter whether you delete it or approve it.. its not about who made mistake.. but you left without any reason and thats really killing me.

    finally… fuck you…

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