Nandha Engineering College, Fees SCAM

Though the central government takes lot of measures to fight against corruption, Education sector is totally clueless and out of its radar. So many colleges are getting high fees amount than what govt fixed for engineering students. Still, we have no idea where to complaint such matter and how to do it. If we do so, then this is what happens. You will be punished brutally by the college management for complaining about their illegal activity.

The recent Telecom scam is nothing in front of this Education SCAMS happening around Tamilnadu. If the college fee scams are exposed at the time of admission, then the entire world will be shocked on seeing the potential of Tamilnadu alone.

Students will not be silent for long time. The consequences will never be faced by the college management, when they started to act.

Before 2 days, In SUNNEWS CHANNEL, college name  got flashed . According to the FLASH NEWS, 16 students were complained about  Management to  proper officials , they are collecting double the fees amount from the students which is higher than the government fixed to the colleges., and in response those students were NOT PERMITTED to enter the college campus. They again complained that they are not allowed inside the college.

But still there is no clue, what happened to them next, and what step the government had taken against the college, NANDHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE ? ?

I am really upset to watch news. A big issue is flashing in a top channel, But that news is not at all published in any of the local channels like KING TV, KARAN TV ,etc.,

I was exploring the next day newspaper to check what happened to those guys , and to my shock i found nothing about this news.

This is not the only problem inside the college, because a GIRL SUICIDE inside the NANDHA COLLEGE HOSTEL before a month, due to the pressure from the college side.

This is not the only college facing the fees problem, Maharaja Engg college near avinashi also got into this few months before.

But this problem continuous and still the colleges like NANDHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE collecting more fees from the students and not providing the receipt for the fee, etc.,

Why the government not fixing this issue ?



IS THE MANAGEMENTS PLAYING (PAYING) TO THE  OFFICIALS PEOPLE, NOT TO MAKE THIS  A BIG ISSUE ? ? (There is no news about this matter in newspaper, which made me to think this point.,)


If it is business, then y it is not taxable ? ? ?


3 Comments on “Nandha Engineering College, Fees SCAM”

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  2. Vasanth says:

    Really a good article. I am also a victim of this case. In this year (2011) admission almost all the colleges are doing the same thing. To name a few I know
    1. Easwari engg college, chennai, collects 80,000 towards college fees and 80,000 towards hostel fees.
    2. M.kumarasamy engg college, karur, collects 72,500 towards college fees.
    All I have mentioned are the seats allotted through TNEA counseling. As you said, this is yet another scam that directly affects the people.

  3. karthik says:

    not only engineering they also collecting for diploma also. not giving proper bills asking too much money for many reasons

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