Human Heart and Monkey Mind

I thought to write this post at the time when one of my friend feeling about one of his friend.

The title of the post is correct because both are same and it relates to each other.

I don’t know “How people changing their heart like monkey mind” ?

Because For MONKEYS “The waste flower in the ground seems better than Banana is their hand” ūüė¶

I heard the words from¬† peoples telling about few persons that “If he/she left my life , Then i can be free or i will be happy more” But later sometime they both were helping each other in all cases. After few days their Wishes came true.They both got separated.They need to be happy and it thought they will enjoy their life, But they were in SAD ??¬† Y so ? ?

I didn’t get the meaning How they can change their heart all of sudden ? ?

Like wise If the people didn’t get the thing which they loved ,they were trying to destroy it . Y so ?

How come they can destroy it one which they loved most ??

Thinking whether is the problem with my side.? ? ? Did i wont care about anybody ? No.. I will.

I too care about the person whom i like most and i even feel bad for the person if anything bad happens to them.

But for me if something i didn’t like at the first look, I hate it till the end.And if i like /love something at my first look,then even it did something bad to me i love it, I don’t know why ? Is that bad habit ? ?

I cant change my mind or heart like others all of sudden…¬† what to do ???



Today i got shocked when i opened my mail account, There is an mail about the details of¬† INDIA’S BLACK MONEY in SWISS bank.


The things which i got in the mail is follows….

Latest update after Swiss Bank has agreed to disclose the funds….

Our Indians’ Money – 70, 00,000 Crores Rupees In Swiss Bank

1) Yes, 70 lakhs crores rupees of India are lying in Switzerland banks. This is the highest amount lying outside any country, from amongst 180 countries of the world, as if India is the champion of Black Money.

2) German Government has officially written to Indian Government that they (German Government) are willing to inform the details of holders of 70 lakh crore rupees in their Banks, if Indian Government officially asks them.

3) On 22-5-08, this news has already been published in The Times of India and other Newspapers based on German Government’s official letter to Indian Government.

4) But the Indian Government has not sent any official enquiry to Germany for details of money which has been sent outside India between 1947 to 2008.. The opposition party is also equally not interested in doing so because most of the amount is owned by politicians and it is every Indian’s money.

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As a long trip in bike

Hi… Everyone

In bike

We took this image, when we went to ooty as a long drive in bike. In 2 bikes and we 4 peoples went . Actually it’s a nice time when we went slowly on the road by chatting with each other and by hearing songs in earphones.

During college and In-between studies, lab works, assignments this trip makes us relax and much enjoyment.

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Police, lawyers fight inside Chennai High Court

Police and Lawyers throwing¬† stones¬† each other INSIDE the CHENNAI HIGH COURT…. ūüė¶


Read the comments below before starting the discussion… U can give your view…

01Are these PEOPLE going to bring the JUSTICE and PEACE to the land ?

Did they ever heard about MAHATMA GANDHI ?

Those who daily speaking about RULES AND SECTIONS, VIOLATING them..

Is this state is going in right position ?

This makes everyone sad. All the vehicle are broken and damaged. They are fighting like ROUGES. Being LAWYERS and POLICEMEN they¬† need to obey the rules in high manner, but they didn’t…

This need to be stopped. Everyone  need to be arrested and they should be punished for this.

But now, there is a COMITY generated by the lawyers and from that only they are going to report about that action, so it will be BLOWN AWAY within few days…

CHENNAI: In unprecedented violence on the Madras High Court premises, advocates protesting against the arrest of their colleagues in an assault case fought pitched battles with police personnel for several hours on Thursday. While a police station was set ablaze by the advocates, vehicles parked in the court complex were smashed by the policemen. Among those injured in the violence was a High Court judge, more than 50 lawyers and several policemen.

Police burst teargas shells to disperse the agitating lawyers. High Court judges who came to the premises to see the damage caused to advocates’ vehicles had to run when they were confronted by lathi-wielding policemen. Fire fighters who tried to put out the flames engulfing the police station were attacked by the advocates.

The chain of events was set off by the police attempt to arrest a group of advocates involved in the attack on Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy and some policemen in the court complex on Tuesday. A group of advocates demanded that Dr. Swamy be also arrested for abusing one of their colleagues on caste lines.

Heated arguments ended in violence. A group of lawyers, which was near the building housing the Family Courts, and the policemen, positioned near the High Court station, began throwing stones and bottles at each other. The policemen came out with their protective shields and began chasing away the lawyers. Several advocates, office staff and litigants ran helter-skelter, with the policemen in pursuit. The injured advocates were carried by their colleagues to a dispensary for first aid. Later, ambulances were called in to take the injured to hospital.

Even as a group of advocates kept raising slogans against the policemen, several advocates went to the chamber of the Acting Chief Justice, S.J. Mukhopadhaya, protesting against the ‚Äúpolice excesses.‚ÄĚ Mr. Justice Mukhopadhaya tried to pacify the advocates, but they asked him to come down and see for himself the damage caused to their vehicles, allegedly by policemen.

The judges then appealed to the advocates to maintain calm so that a solution could be found. Later, when a few judges went towards the policemen, with the slogan-raising advocates following them, the policemen resorted to lathi charge. In this melee, Justice Arumuga Perumal Adityan, was hit by a stone and he suffered a head injury. He was rushed to hospital where his condition was stated to be stable.

With reinforcements, including commandos of elite units, arriving, the police chased away all lawyers from the court premises. Following this, trouble spilled over to NSC Bose Road. A mention was made by advocate R.Vaigai before Mr. Justice Mukhopadhaya about the incident.

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Police station in fire


How come they forget their LAWS and  SECTIONS which they studied in their LAW COLLEGE..

These are my opinion…

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