I think this is old topic only , and i saw this now only. But still there is not much knowledge present about the IT fields in the school sides.

In college itself many of the IT students doesn’t know what they are studying and for what purpose. The way of teaching and learning need to be changed. It’s still like a mom feeding to her 3 years child. 😦

The students need to know much things from internet….

Lets wait for the future 🙂


Does Anna University really care about QoS ?

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For long time education is converted into Business, which has Zero % Quality of Service. Its not at all wrong as a Customer (Student) of Anna University, to host a Debate here to collect all your Reviews.  Its not 1999 or earlier, we are in the year 2009 where many people aware about internet. This is the right time to bring this Pathetic situation for a DEBATE ONLINE. I bought a 4 year course package from a college which is Affiliated by Anna University.  It seems today’s best hassle free business is Constructing and Administering a College. Where many college administration have very less care about the Quality of Education in Tamilnadu.

hear-see-speak-no-evil12This article is to get an answer for these questions:

1. Does Anna University really care about QoS in their Affiliated Colleges ?

2. Are they conducting frequent or 6 months once, an Auditing or Quality Assessments in the colleges which they gave affiliation(just the water, toilets and some basic needs that has to be there for the student who is paying atleast a lakh rupees per year) ?

3. Its all about Money ? Whoever builds a 3 floor building can get Anna University Affiliation ?

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