TamilPadam release date

In 2010, it’s going to be BIG BREAK for Tamil cinema industry. This movie is going to realease on 29th jan and it’s going to rock.

Many of the epic movie has been released in Hollywood and this is the first time in the Tamil cinema industry.

Already the song were flowing in the net as 0’s &1’s. It was amazing if possible try to download it and hear it.

In the movie one song doesnt have any lyrics and i dont know how the singers sung it. And the song is “O MAHA ZEEYA”

The trailor itself shows it’s fully of comic packages. there are many changes too from the ordinary movie and let us hope it’s going to be a massive hit and sure we all going to enjoy a comedy movie 😛

To download songs

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Wallpapers of TAMILPADAM movie

Enjoy the movie in theaters 🙂


Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire

Finally a INDIAN MOVIE went to OSCAR and WON 8 AWARDS. There is lots of works behind theoscar1 movie and the story of the movie is nice too.

For the past few years from India, many films entered into Oscar and stepped back without any awards. From India,most of the peoples tried for so many years and they didn’t get it still now…

But now we got 8 awards for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and A.R RAHMAN Got 2 AWARDS for his excellent performance in the movie.


Slumdog Millionaire is a very rare combination of British social realism with the escapism of Indian cinema. The British realism meant that it dealt with the lives of folk in the slums of the mega-cities of South Asia, something South Asian politicians ignore at their peril and which Indian cinema has singularly failed to address. At the same time the film offers some hope in the form of a bit of Indian escapism with the central character winning a TV contest worth millions of rupees.

There A.R RAHMAN is the man who won the award spoke  in Tamil to bring the POWER of it in world wide.
There are many person’s who are trying to davelop the Tamil language and the Tamil film industry.

But the SAD in TAMIL FILM INDUSTRY is that they are giving the same kind of movies only.

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